Beats Yo! Xap v2.0.3.2

Supported operating systems – Windows Phone 10, Windows Phone 8.1


size -33 MB


beats yo

Beats Yo! is the number one advanced drum machine and production centre for Windows Phone; geared towards both fun and creativity it’s the perfect app to scratch that beatmaking itch!

Select a track and record 4 bars of your phattest beats triggering samples from the 16 provided pads; Beats Yo! will automatically loop allowing you to expand upon and manipulate your work in real time. Record these loops to sequences and then arrange into a banging track!

• 16 pads; just like your favourite Midi Controller
• Individual volume, pan, pitch and grouping controls for your pads
• Custom kits; build your own kit using samples from any of the kits you have purchased!
• 5 track recording; Beats Yo! gives you five banks to record loops to! Chop and change as it’s playing to really mix it up.
• 5 sequences; make use of the 5 available sequences to create different variations of your beat.
• Song mode; arrange your sequences in song mode to create a track (up to 112 bars)!
• Adjustable BPM and Metronome to keep time!
• Three real-time quantize modes; correct those missed beats, or turn quantize off to keep it sounding natural!
• Ability to Save and Load your projects.
• Export your beat to WAV and save to your phones Media Library!*
• Transfer your WAV files to your PC by plugging in your phone and browsing to the ‘Music\Beats Yo’ folder**
• Two free complete custom kits to get you going; more kits are available via in app purchases!
• Buy 4 kits to fully unlock all samples!

Beats Yo! is the tool; the only limit is your creativity!

*This means that you can play your beats via the phones Music App.

**Windows Phone renames the WAV files in the media library as MP3 for some reason.

Any feedback or questions, please hit me up on twitter! @iyae

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