Frozen Formations Windows 10 HD Theme For PC


SIZE – 22 MB

Get best ever Frozen Formations on your desktop and make it live


As the name implies frozen formation themes is based on the stunning sceneries of ice creating spectacular art. This theme features high quality wallpapers such as waterfall along the ice, ice caves, stunning icebergs, stunning yet deadly icicles and sun rays over the ice.
Ice is not only the representative of cold, it is also a symbol of eternity and preservation. Some people are afraid of the thought that they can be lost in the endless ice and they never travel there where they can see real glaciers. At the same time other people are attracted so much that they spend lots of time for the preparation and then for actual travel in order to see this magnificent phenomenon of nature. And it is not surprising, as free download windows theme with frozen formations will demonstrate lots of breathtaking places which are even grander when they are seen in reality. You will be captured and attracted by their size, form and the fact that they really exist on our big planet.

In total this theme features 12 high quality wallpapers of icy wonders. In this theme, the color of the window is mist blue. The blend of bluish color of ice and the window color, i.e. mist blue goes hand in hand. Both dark and light wallpapers are available in theme which allows the user to choose as per their wish.


Download THEME


Download THEME