GodOfDarkWar XAP

OS – Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8





GodOfDarkWar is a strong movement types of cosplay game, the story is about the Lord of darkness to expand their own dark forces, using the dark forces himself imprisoned many heroes of the soul, which are to save the world hero, the results become king of dark claws, and war in the war with Zeus, to be the Lord of darkness imprisoning, Ares blade fall dark world, only the strong power to pick up the Ares blade liberated dark god imprisoned soul.
The game has a strong sense of Ares blow and the Diablo Series picture and the depth of the game, let the game player is no longer boring mowing game bound
The game has multiple roles, different roles correspond to different equipment and skills, there are a large number of tasks, the mysterious level, strong BOSS, more content to wait for game player himself to explore for yourself


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