Palm Calculator Xap

OS – Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8

version –

size – 2 MB



This is one of the most intelligent, convenient, powerful and beautiful calculator. UI design completely abandon the traditional calculator influence. Generally, you can type an expression of any length, and check the results of each step. You can define any number of variables, and check the result of each variable. You can type a bit operation expression and check every step of the binary result. You can also draw a beautiful function image as per you want. Moreover, you can always do unit convention from any result directly.

Even, this calculator can support basic statistical function, such as the average (average value), var (variance), stdevp (standard deviation) and so on, which other calculator cannot support.

For paid users, the author will continue add new features freely to create the best calculator.

So, this is absolutely a great calculator which can keep in your mobile phone forever.


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