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WINDOWS – 8.1, 8.0


SIZE – 3 mb




Panoramio is a website owned by Google for sharing your photos with a system of geographical location. Photo from panoramio is an unofficial app that uses the the services provided by Panoramio. With this app you can see the photos placed on a map or in list format. For each photo there is a detail page with some functions. If you tap on the photo, it will be zoomed. You can also share on social network (facebook, twitter) or put on Instagram / 6tag. Or upload your photos on SkyDrive. Remember that the photo may be under copyright of their owners. Due to this, you must do attention before share it. In every detail page you can launch here maps app; in this way you can search coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and market nearby the photo.

In every detail page you can launch “Gps monitor & webcam”. Gps monitor & webcam is a free Windows Phone app that provides a webcam / map with itinerary calculation. You can also find a webcam, then watch the nearest station’s weather info, rather than searching for a weather station, and then get its nearest webcams. The web cam are retrieved through It is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view world web cam, of the touristic places par excellence. This way you can try to see if there are webcams nearby the photo.

If you are a tourist, this app will be useful to the holidays and leisure time. Or on your travels to discover places or touristic city, from your windows phone through the geolocated photos of Panoramio.

1) Search photo
2) Show photo on a map or on a list
3) Detail page for every photo
4) Photo same author
5) Photo nearby
6) Share photo on social network (facebook, twitter)
7) Edit photo with Instagram/6tag
8) Zoom photo and save into the photo gallery
9) Upload photo on skydrive
10) Webcams nearby the photo
11) Launch here maps app




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