Sunset Bike Racer Appx

SIZE – 26 MB


OS – Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1



Test your reflexes in this entertaining motocross racing game.

WATCH the Trailer:

+ Boost your way to the top with mad skills (or a little nitro)
+ Race your own Highscore (ghost) or challenge your friends to do so
+ Enjoy the crazy racing tracks (they are crazy hard too)
+ Perform breathtakingly cool stunts
+ Dash through the levels with wheelies and back flips (surprise)

★ Wait, there is even more! ★
► Test your reflexes on the road in this entertaining physics based motocross bike racer.
► Stand your trial in this crazy offroad adventure up and down the hill.
► Make the sign of the cross before you start your motor. Become the fastest racer under the sun.

The game contains NO VIOLENCE (blood) at all. It´s therefore safe to enjoy with your younger friends (or kids).

★ Help ★
If you have a problem with the game please send an error report:
Be sure to add as much information as you can.

★ Disclaimer★
This game contains In-App-Purchases (which means you can BUY stuff in the game). All bikes and levels are unlockable for free by collecting stars and/or beating your own highscores!


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